Hansen Foot Valves BSPT

Hansen - Hansen Foot and Check Valve Parts

NZD $34.76$196.97
Part No:  HFV25 
Hansen – 25mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT
HFV - Hansen Foot Valve
1$34.762 - 9$31.2810+$27.81
Part No:  HFV32 
Hansen – 32mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT
HFV - Hansen Foot Valve
1$52.412 - 9$47.1710+$41.93
Part No:  HFV40 
Hansen – 40mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT
HFV - Hansen Foot Valve
1$65.722 - 9$59.1510+$52.58
Part No:  HFV50 
Hansen – 50mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT
HFV - Hansen Foot Valve
1$95.912 - 9$86.3210+$76.73
Part No:  HFV63 
Hansen – 63mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT
HFV - Hansen Foot Valve
1$196.972 - 9$177.2710+$157.58

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Hansen Foot Valve
Sizes & Maximum Pressure Ratings

Hansen Code Size Max Pressure @ 20°C
HFV25 25mm 16 Bar
HFV32 32mm 16 Bar
HFV40 40mm 16 Bar
HFV50 50mm 16 Bar
HFV63 15mm 16 Bar

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Hansen Foot Valve
Product Information

  • Features & Applications of the Foot Valve
  • The Foot Valve is used on the end of a suction line to stop fluids in the line emptying when the pump is turned off, thus eliminating the need to prime your pump at start up.
  • A high performance, cost effective Foot Valve that delivers large volumes of water quickly with unrestricted full flow.
  • Efficiency is in excess of 95% when compared to many other types of valves.
  • Operation is via Pressure Differential and at any angle or position.
  • No Poppet Valve to wear or jam.
  • Easy access screw cap for servicing; the Diaphragm and Spring are interchangeable with the same size Check Valve.
  • Blockages are reduced due to low fluid velocity through the slots.
  • All connecting threads are BSPT and NPT.
  • Smooth operating valve for high efficiency.
  • A unique design, which incorporates a self cleaning diaphragm.
  • Manufactured from strong, non-corrosive UV-stabilised materials, which are approved for use with Potable (drinking) water.
  • Download the Hansen Foot Valve Brochure.
  • Intellectual Property
  • The Foot Valves in this website are protected by intellectual property rights owned by the Hansen Group of Companies in New Zealand, Australia and other countries, including NZ patents 286543/299570 and 331955 and registered design 27591, Australian patent 708382 and registered design 130517, United States patent 6,374,855 and registered design 40928, United Kingdom patent 0894214 and registered design 2060768, Irish patent 0894214 and registered design 11506, Israeli patent 126944 and registered design 27004, Malaysian patent MY-0119324-A, Indonesian patent ID0007653, Canadian patent 2253848, Mexican registered design 10057, Argentinean registered design 64021, Spanish registered design 138.703/0, French registered design 96.63, Brazilian registered design 5601769-3, Italian registered design 00072187, German registered design 9609969.0, South African registered design 96/1164 and Benelux Convention registered design 27793-00. HANSEN is a trade mark of the Hansen Group of Companies.
  • Approvals
  • AS/NZS 4020 - HANSEN™ Foot & Valves from 25mm to 63mm have met the requirements of AS/NZS 4020 Australia & New Zealand drinking water test standard.
  • Fire Rating: UL94HB