Hansen Washers Black

Hansen - Washers Black

NZD $0.38$0.87
Part No:  HW15 
Hansen – 15mm Black Washer
HW - Hansen Washers Black
1$0.382 - 9$0.3410+$0.30
Part No:  HW20 
Hansen – 20mm Black Washer
HW - Hansen Washers Black
1$0.482 - 9$0.4310+$0.38
Part No:  HW25 
Hansen – 25mm Black Washer
HW - Hansen Washers Black
1$0.582 - 9$0.5210+$0.46
Part No:  HW32 
Hansen – 32mm Black Washer
HW - Hansen Washers Black
1$0.702 - 9$0.6310+$0.56
Part No:  HW40 
Hansen – 40mm Black Washer
HW - Hansen Washers Black
1$0.822 - 9$0.7410+$0.66
Part No:  HW50 
Hansen – 50mm Black Washer
HW - Hansen Washers Black
1$0.872 - 9$0.7810+$0.70

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Hansen Black Washers - Sizes

Hansen Code Size
HW15 15mm
HW20 20mm
HW25 25mm
HW32 32mm
HW40 40mm
HW50 50mm

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Hansen Black Washers
Product Information

  • Features & Applications
  • Designed for use in tanks, troughs and a wide variety of marine applications.
  • Manufactured from UV-stabilised, high quality, glass fibre, reinforced Nylon providing weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance.
  • The material is approved for use with potable (drinking) water, making it ideally suited to a broad range of rural & domestic applications.
  • There is an extensive range of fittings in sizes 15mm to 100mm (1/2” to 4”)
  • Precision, heavy duty, tapered threads give a strong, reliable seal.
  • The material is strong enough to minimise potential cross-threading.
  • The fittings provide flexibility and versatility for new and existing installations, saving time and money.
  • All materials are fully resistant to salt water making them ideally suited to marine applications.
  • Approvals
  • Fire Rating UL94HB

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