UV Filter or UV Steriliser for Water

UV filters or UV sterilisers are used to kill any harmful germs, parasites or viruses. They work best when installed after conventional filtration to ensure that the water is clear.

NZD $489.00$700.00
Part No:  UV55 
UV Filter – 55 Watt – 45l/min – 20mm
Home Water UV Filter System Pleated Poly Spun and UV
Part No:  UV110 
UV Filter – 110 Watt – 90l/min – 25mm
Home Water UV Filter System Pleated Poly Spun and UV

UV Filters (or more accurately ultra violet sterilisers) use Ultra Violet Radiation to kill harmful germs in water. This UV system destroys 99.99% of Harmful micro-organisms, including E-coli, Cryptosporidium, campylobacter and Giardia.

UV Sterilisation relies on UV light reaching every drop of water and therefore it work best when the water is clean. Consequently, for best results, always use filtration before the UV steriliser to ensure that the water is as clean and clear as possible.

Using a UV Steriliser is the most cost effective and efficient method to treat biologically contaminated water. Biologically contaminated water might contain "faecal coliforms" caused by birds or opossums on exposed gutters and livestock faecal run off into streams or shallow bores. Microbes introduced by these contaminants may be harmful to your health.

The image depicts the UV Filter Kit which also includes a dual 10" filter system.

Single Tube 55W UV Filter Specifications
Nominal Flow (Recommended)45 litres / minute30 mJ/cm2
Maximum Flow84 litres / minute16 mJ/cm2
UV Filter Lamp1x 55WReplacable
DimensionsLength 910mmDiameter 2.5"
Port Size3/4"