Filter Housing 20 inch

20 inch filter housings are available as a single, double or triple filter. Using multiple filter elements can remove a larger range of impurities than a single filter.

NZD $99.00$441.00
Part No:  BB201 
20 inch Single Filter Housing
Single Filter Housing
Part No:  BB202 
20 inch Double Filter Housing
Dual 20 inch Filter Housing
Part No:  BB203 
20 inch Triple Filter Housing
Triple 20 inch Filter Housing

Filtration Systems using the 20 inch Filter Housings

Filter Cartridges for our Filter Housings

Big Plumbing Supplies supplies both 10 and 20 inch filter housings and elements. The specifications and usage are equivalent except that the 20 inch has been designed for greater flow.

20 inch filter housings are available to construct a single, double or triple filter. Use multiple filter elements to remove a larger range of impurities than is possible using a single filter.

We recommend you use a pleated washable filter or a poly-spun filter as the first filter. These elements are rated at 20 microns and as a result, they will remove larger particles including:

  • fines
  • sediment
  • silt and
  • some organic matter

Furthermore, they will improve the colour and clarity of the water.

You should use a poly-spun filter element as the next element, rated at 5 or 1 micron. A poly-spun element will remove even smaller particles.

Use a carbon block or granulated carbon filter for the third stage (rated at 5 or 3 microns respectively). The immense surface area of the activated carbon in these elements facilitate the adsorbion of:

  • chlorine
  • odours
  • bad tastes
  • volatile organic compounds and
  • they also remove giardia and other parasites.

Follow your filtration with a UV water steriliser to kill any germs that might have made it through the filtration system and you will have high-quality, clear and clean water.

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