Multi Stage Water Pump with Controller

Our CM2-40E Small House (0.55KW) and the CM4-60E Large House (1.1kW) Multi Stage Water Pumps include a Controller

NZD $616.00$833.00
CM2-40E Multi Stage Pump – 0.55KW (With Controller)
Trevoli CM2-60 Stainless Steel Multistage Potable Water Pump
CM4-60E Multi Stage Pump – 1.1KW (With Controller)

Stainless Steel Multistage Water Pump

These water pumps are ideal for domestic water tank supply, providing mains pressure for a large single or multi-level home (plus). Fitted with an electronic automatic constant pressure control system (provides constant pressure at constant flow). Starts automatically when the tap is turned on and stops automatically when the last tap is turned off, operating constantly from low flow to full flow.

The large pump is able to support up to 12 taps running at one time.

Recommendation: A pressure tank extends pump life, stores energy, reduces noise, reduces pump starts and protects against heat expansion, see drop-down menu.


These pumps are fitted with an electronic, constant pressure control system which provides constant pressure at constant flow. The pumps start autmoatically when taps are turned on (and pressure drops below 2.2bar). Our pumps operate consistantly from low to full flow and switch off automatically when the last tap is closed. Trevoli pumps have run-dry protection and the housing, impellers, intermediate chambers and shaft are constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel. The pumps operate very quietly and have built-in overload protection.

TREVOLI CM2-40E Small House Water Pump

This is a Medium pressure Pump - up to 55 PSI. It supports up to 6 taps operating at one time (Based on 10 l/m). At 28m Head, the flow rate will be 33 litres per minute

TREVOLI CM4-60E Large House Water Pump

This is a High pressure Pump - up to 84 PSI. It supports up to 12 taps operating at one time. (Based on 10 L/m). At 45m Head, the flow rate will be 66 litres per minute. It is also availble in 3-phase but without a controller.

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2 Year back to base warranty

Power Supply240V Single Phase NZ 3-pin Plug
Max Flow Rate60120Litres / Minute
Max Pressure5584psi
Max Discharge Head3858m
Inlet Size1" BSP (25mm)1¼" BSP (32mm)
Outlet Size1" BSP (25mm)
ProtectionBuilt-in Thermal Overload
InsulationClass F
IP RatingIP55
Liquid Temperature-15 - 70-20 - 70°C
Max Operating Pressure10bar