DWV - Vents

DWV Pipe PVC Vents are strong and reliable. They are used to ventilate our PVC Pipes

NZD $3.00$10.00
Part No:  VC-50 
DWV – Vent Cowl – 50mm
DWC 50mm PVC Drain Vent Cowl
1 - 4$3.005 - 9$2.7010+$2.40
Part No:  VENT5040 
DWV Vent – 50mm
1 - 4$10.005 - 9$9.0010+$8.00

DWV Pipe PVC Vents are strong and reliable. They are used to ventilate our PVC Pipes.

Our PVC Pipes and Fittings have an incredibly smooth bore and minimal internal protrusions. Consequently, the installed system will have a long and trusted service life.

ERA PVC Drainage Waste and Vent Pipe and Fittings are manufactured in China. ERA has been manufacturing pipe for the NZ market for over 10 years and has met all standards and regulations. The same pipe and fittings are available from other large New Zealand and Australian retailers (sold under a number of other brand names).

PVC Pipes and Fittings Features and Benefits

  • Drain Waste and Vent Pipes and Fittings do not support combustion
  • PVC is non Conductive will not rot, corrode or breakdown
  • They are lightweight, making installation cheaper and easier
  • The pipes and fittings are sealed with PVC Glue / or Welding Compound that creates a water tight and extremely strong bond
  • Potable (drinking) water approved
  • Suitable for "charged" (unpressured and low height under 3m) lines i.e. filling water tanks from cutters
  • WaterMark Certificate of Conformity – Level 1
    Evaluated to: AS/NZS 1260:2009 - PVC-U pipes and fittings for drain, waste and Vent Application Certification No: WMK26022


  • Your pipe trenches should provide clearance of a minimum of 100mm on each side of the pipe to enable better compaction around the pipe
  • Check that the pipes and fittings are not damaged prior to installation and trench is free from debris and sharp objects
  • Back fill and compact around the pipe
  • Drains should be installed with a minimum 1:60 fall, less by design