Filter Cartridges for our Filter Housings

Water is vital for life and therefore potable drinking water should be clean, clear and free of pollutants and pathogens. Consequently, Big Plumbing Supplies distribute a comprehensive range of single, double and triple water filter housings and replacement filter cartridges. These include:

  • pleated
  • spun
  • carbon block and
  • carbon granular elements.
  • We supply both 10 or 20 inch filters and elements.

    Our range of filters is supplemented by our UV filters that kill germs without chemicals and therefore do not gave any effect on taste or colour.

    Click on the headings for more information on our 10 and 20 inch Jumbo Filter Cartridge Ranges

    Poly-Pleated Water Filter Cartridge

    Poly-pleated Element


    The Poly-Pleated Water Filter Cartridge is designed to remove:

    • Fines
    • Sediment and
    • Silt

    Poly-pleated filters remove some organic matter and consequently, colour and clarity of the water is improved.

    Poly-Pleated Water Filter Cartridge Features

    You should wash Poly-pleated filters to clean them and you can do so repeatedly without having to replace them. The pleats increase surface area and, as a result, they allow high flow rates and improve pressure and flow. The high dirt-holding capacity means that you don’t have to clean them as often, therefore they are ideally suited for pre-treating water. You should always insert poly-pleated filters before before poly-spun and / or UV filters. Poly-pleated filters can be used for for tank water and in the temperature range from 4.5°C to 60°C.

    Poly-spun Water Filters

    Poly Spun Filter Element


    These filters are designed to remove:

    • Fines
    • Fine Sediment and
    • Silt

    Poly-spun filters remove some organic matter and improve the colour and clarity of the water.

    Poly-spun Water Filter Features

    These filters are manufactured from 100% polypropylene using the melt-blown process. No binders or adhesives are used to manufacture these filters and as a result, the material is compatible with a wide range of fluids.

    These filters have a high capacity to hold contaminants, which gives them a longer life. Consequently, there is a lower pressure differential across the filter which increases the flow rate and stabilises system pressure. Poly-spun filters are also suitable for tank water

    Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge

    Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge


    These filters are designed to remove:

    • Chlorine
    • Bad Taste
    • Odours
    • Sediment
    • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    • Pesticides and
    • Giardia and other Cysts, e.g. Cryptosporidium

    Giardia is the cause of Giardiasis

    Giardia are a family of parasites that can cause Giardiasis, a severe intestinal infection resulting in violent diarrohea, excess gas, cramps, upset stomach and nausea. Cryptosporidium causes Cryptosporidiosis, another parasitic, intestinal disease that can also affect the respiratory tract.


    Activated carbon is usually derived from coconut shells, coal or wood and is used for water treatment.

    The source substance is heated at a low temperature in the absence of oxygen which results in the removal of volatile compounds. This process is called carbonisation.

    Once the carbonisation process is complete, the carbon is activated by heating using steam and oxygen in a controlled environment. The effect of the activation process is to open the carbon structure which creates extreme porosity. As a result, a huge, highly reactive surface area is created. A pound of activated carbon has a surface area of about 125 acres.

    The activated carbon screens contaminants and the filter works by adsorption (which means molecules stick to the surface) of organic contaminants. Carbon block filters contain activated carbon particles which have been fused into a uniform block. The carbon particles have enhanced adsorptive capacity and are thus highly efficient.

    Carbon Block Water Filter Features

    These filters comply with ANSI/NSF53 and 42 requirements. They consist of a Ceramic Activated Carbon Block for Sediment, Chlorine, Cyst (Cryptosporidium) & Giardia removal. The Carbon Block Filters effectively remove Chlorine, VOCs, hazardous Chemicals, Pesticides, Odours and improve taste.

    They have a low pressure differential (drop), are physically durable and have a high dirt-holding capacity.

    Granular Carbon Water Filter Element

    Granular Carbon Filter Features

    Granular Carbon Filter Element
    • Suitable for tank water
    • Ideal where water tank supply is topped up with council water
    • Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge with Polypropylene Sediment Filtration Pads at each end
    • Premium Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon cartridge is often used for Reverse Osmosis pre-filtration & many other filtration applications.
    • Carbon filtration is excellent for reducing Chlorine, Bad Taste, Odour ∓ Colour and can be effective for removal of many chemical contaminants.
    • Suitable for use in 20 inch ‘Big Blue’ housings

    Granular Carbon Filter Application Notes

    To keep your filter system operating efficiently, you should remember to replace this cartridge as needed and on a regular basis. When you install a new cartridge, always pass 5-10 litres of water through (to waste) to flush out carbon fines before using the water. Our cartridges are individually wrapped to ensure that they are not contaminated. The maximum working pressure is 40 psi (differential).


    The filter element contains a highly porous adsorbent material produced by heating organic matter, such as coal, wood and coconut shell, in the absence of air, which is then crushed into granules.

    Activated carbon is positively charged and therefore it removes negative ions from the water such as ozone, chlorine, fluorides and dissolved organic solutes by adsorption onto the activated carbon’s surface.

    You must replace these filter elements periodically as they will eventually become saturated and unable to adsorb. They are not effective in removing heavy metals.

    Activated carbon is often used as a filter in water treatment systems, where water is directed downwards through a stationary bed of the substance, leaving organic material to accumulate at the top of the bed. It is also used to lower radon levels in water and is available in powdered form.

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