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We are based in Auckland and as a result, most of our customers are on the North Island. However, we can deliver almost all of our extensive range of smaller plumbing items throughout New Zealand. Delivery costs dictate that some large items, especially our range of water tanks and large pipes, are only available locally. Our pricing is very competitive and we include GST on the website. Some of our competitors' prices don't include GST on their websites.

Big Plastic Water Tanks

Our sister company, Big Water Tanks, manufactures 30,000 litre plastic water tanks in Auckland. Therefore if you are nearby, you can order your tanks directly from our website. Our tanks are delivered in a choice of colours.

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Hansen Fittings

We distibute the extensive, high quality range of Hansen plumbing fittings. Hansen Products is a New Zealand company founded in the 1950s so consequently, they are renowned for their extensive range of locally developed, inovative products. We have been appointed by Hansen as distributors and therefore, all their products are available from us. Hence, you can contact us should you need anything that has not been added to the website yet.

Pumps, Plumbing Filters and UV Water Purification

Our stainless steel, multi-stage pumps suit both small and large dwellings. The smaller pump provides adaquate water pressure for small to medium homes i.e. up to 6 taps running. In contrast, the larger pump is intended for large single or multi-level homes and can supply up to 12 taps. The pumps operate automatically. They work with a range of pressure tanks (or accumulators) to maintain constant pressure in your plumbing system.

Firstly, ultraviolet water purification is an effective method used to destroy bacteria in water. This is because UV penetrates and kills harmful pathogens. UV destroys illness-causing micro-organisms by attacking their genetic core (their DNA). Consequently, this method extremely efficient as it reduces their ability to reproduce. Disinfecting your water in your pipework with ultraviolet light is exceptionally simple, effective and above all, environmentally safe. UV systems destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in your piping. You therefore do not need to add chemicals which change your water’s taste or odor.

Secondly, UV water purification is usually used with other forms of filtration such as reverse osmosis systems or carbon block filters. UV kills germs whereas filters remove particles and dirt from the water. For that reason, both filters and UV should be used together.

Finally, filters and UV purification systems work together as part of your plumbing system to deliver sparkling, germ free water. You can certainly trust Big Plumbing Supplies with ensuring that your potable water supply is both clean and healthy.

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